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Providing  value through Software Testing and Training services


How we contribute to software quality

Web Testing

Comprehensive User Interface, User Acceptance, Functional and other technical tests for Web App and Websites.

Mobile Testing

We offer mobile app testing services across different platforms and devices, ensuring that your users have a quality mobile experience with your product.

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Software Testing Training

We provide practical Software testing/QA training services handled by not professionals who are just practitioners but passionate about testing and producing quality software.

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API Testing

Testing your API’s functionality, security, interoperability, validations etc to verify your API is seamless to use during interactions.

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Automated Testing

We can help you save time and effort in performing the same tests that can be automated. Whether mobile, web or API app, we can save your team’s time to focus on tests only humans can do better.

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Technical Documentation

Enhance your project’s clarity and accessibility with our comprehensive technical documentation services. From user manuals to API guides, demos etc.

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We test across all stages of the Software Development Life Cycle

Testing does not have to wait till implementation or development is done. Leverage on testing throughout every stage of the SDLC. Let us help you prevent bugs before they happen.


Tailor-based Testing Solutions

No two businesses, teams, individuals or software products are the same. We acknowledge this uniqueness in our approach to test or train our clients. One way we achieve this is through clear communication and collaboration with our clients. We also treat each project like our own.

The digital space in Ghana and Africa is growing, and we need to make sure we build the right product well. Our people, users and the world deserve a touch of quality.

We won’t know something works well until we test it well.

About Us

Testlyn QA

Testlyn QA is a software testing service company based in Accra, Ghana, with specialties in Web, API, automated testing and training in Software QA/testing.

In today’s digital landscape, quality software applications are essential to meet the needs of users who demand valuable and reliable solutions. Testing is the most effective means to identify potential risks that could compromise the value you intend to provide. This is what we are passionate about – excellent and timely feedback from testing is a value we bring on board. 

We are dedicated to providing high-quality and rigorous testing to enable businesses to deliver high-quality and customer satisfying software products. We also provide Software Testing training to individuals, groups and organisations.



Our team is made of up passionate and experienced Software Test/QA Engineers in many fields in testing. We look out for your business – your product’s good.  We try to pass this same trait to the clients we train.


Software Testing has evolved and so are the software products we test. We keep learning and improving in order to make relevant and meaningful contributions in the teams we work with.


Community-mindedness defines our team’s spirit, fostering collaboration, knowledge-sharing and a supportive environment within our organization and beyond. We actively engage with communities, share insights, and contribute to the collective growth of the industry.

FAQs – Testing Services

What types of software testing do you offer?

We offer a comprehensive range of testing services including functional and non-functional testing for  Web, Mobile  and API testing, Security testing, User Acceptance Testing, and Regression testing, among others. Our diverse expertise ensures thorough evaluation across all aspects of your software.

How do you ensure the security of our data during testing?

Security is our top priority. We strictly adhere to industry or client’s best practices and employ security measures to safeguard your data during testing. Our team follows security protocols, including data anonymization and encryption, temporary valid credentials for testing purposes, testing in secured testing environments to prevent unauthorized access, NDAs, data limiting for testing purposes etc. We are  open to follow client’s own security measures as well.

How much does it cost?

Cost of projects and trainings depends on the scope. We do not use a one size fits all appproach since every project is different, we price our services based on the scope of projects.

Why should I choose Testlyn QA?
  • Unique Solution for You: We provide testing strategies and solutions that suit your business or professional goals. We appreciate the uniqueness of your business and software products.
  • Clear Communication and timely feedback: Testing is done well when communication is clear and team mates integrate easily when working. We ensure a clear communication and collaboration by fitting in to your team’s work style easily. By doing this, we are able to provide timely, valuable and continuous feedback on the progress of the project and most especially the state of the software. This will in turn help the team to make timely decisons that affect the quality and release of the product.
  • Your security, our concern: Our team follows security protocols, including data anonymization and encryption, temporary valid credentials for testing purposes, testing in secured testing environments to prevent unauthorized access, NDAs, data limiting for testing purposes etc. We are  open to follow client’s own security measures as well.
How do you ensure thorough test coverage for our software?

We use a strategic combination of testing techniques to ensure comprehensive test coverage. Our experienced testers carefully design test cases that encompass various scenarios and edge cases. Also, using testing frameworks that streamline repetitive tasks like automated testing to facilitate faster feedback loops, ensuring no aspect of your software goes untested. 

What measures do you take to maintain the quality of your testing services over time?

 We continuously invest in training and upskilling our team members to stay abreast of the latest technologies and methodologies in software testing. Additionally, we regularly review and refine our testing practices based on industry standards and client feedback, ensuring that we consistently deliver high-quality testing services that meet and exceed expectations.

FAQs – Software Testing Training

What types of software training services do you offer?

We offer a wide range of software training services tailored to meet various needs, including introductory courses for beginners, advanced courses for experienced users, etc. and customized training programs designed to align with your organization’s objectives and workflows.

What is the duration of your training programs?

The duration of our training programs varies depending on the specific course and the level of proficiency desired. We offer flexible scheduling options, including short intensive workshops, multi-day training sessions, and ongoing training programs spread over several weeks or months, to accommodate different learning preferences and availability.

Are your trainers experienced and certified in the software they teach?

Yes, our trainers are highly experienced professionals with extensive expertise in software quality assurance and testing. Many of them hold industry-recognized certifications and have practical experience working with the software testing industry in real-world scenarios. They are committed to delivering engaging, informative and practical training sessions that empower participants to master the software testing skills they need to succeed.

Do you offer hands-on training with real-world projects?

Yes, our training programs emphasize hands-on learning with real-world projects and practical exercises. We believe that active engagement and practical application are essential for effective learning and skill development. Participants have the opportunity to apply the concepts and techniques they learn in class to real-life scenarios, gaining valuable experience and confidence in their work.

What support do you provide after the completion of the training program?

Our support doesn’t end with the completion of the training program. We provide ongoing support and resources to help participants reinforce their learning, address any questions or challenges that may arise and continue to grow their skills. This includes access to additional learning materials, online forums or communities for peer support and opportunities for further training or certification to advance their careers.

Elevate the quality of your software solution.